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Fanned fret "Brahms" guitar

An eight string fanned fret guitar commissioned by Ryan Nitz-Maile of Alaska.

"Complete success! Salvador is right, the sound is fantastic, as are the playability and build quality. It'll take me a little while to totally acclimate to the new playing position, etc, but I feel like this instrument is a game changer for me. I'm so impressed at how quickly Salvador was able to finish the guitar with such a high level of workmanship. I know it's only been a day, but so far I don't think I could be much happier with the result. Thanks for facilitating, Beau, and please let Salvador know how much I appreciate what he's created here."
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A couple of months ago I went to Minneapolis to do a couple of shows and a workshop. When I was teaching, a couple of students of mine came in and wanted to show me there new guitars. Wow. When I picked up the first guitar I was blown away to hear how loud and Flamenca the guitar sounded. I thought to myself "its a fluke - every guitar maker gets lucky and comes up with a great guitar". To my surprise the second guitar I tried sounded even better!!!!! I was so blown away...when I looked inside at the label I was shocked to see that the guitar was not made in Spain but made in Mexico. It was a Salvador Castillo! So here I am calling my friend Beau Bledsoe, and I'm very excited to order on my first Salvador Castillo guitar.

Pedro Cortes


A coupe of years ago I decided it was time to own a proper flamenco guitar, something that would fulfill my requirements of practice, recording and performing while at the same time being affordable. After much research and at the recommendation of a well known player in my area I decided on Salvador Castillo. The ordering process was smooth and I was kept informed of the construction progress at all times. The guitars arrived in perfect condition and I immediately put them to work. They have an action like butter, soft and silky but with a mean percussive growl, ideal for all dancing situations (classes, concerts). The sound is deep and rich, and the strings find my fingers with ease. It's very rewarding to finally have a high quality instrument.

Back and sides: Mexican Cypress
Soundboard: European Spruce

Back and sides: Palo Escrito
Soundboard: European Spruce

Roberto Aguilar
San Francisco, California


Online review of nine string "fan fret' guitar.



I love my Castillo guitar!

I own an Arturo Huipe Negra, a Francisco Navarro Special Grand Concert, along with my Castillo. I find myself spending 85% of my time playing my Castillo. It's playability and the sound it produces is what makes me pick it up more than any of my other guitars. It's a joy to play! I wouldn't part with it for the world!

Gary Schaecher
Silverthorne, CO


"The first time I played my Castillo guitar I had the opportunity to play a duo gig with another guitarist who plays a spruce and brazilian rosewood Conde from the 70's, which is a mighty sounding guitar. We swapped guitars every set and I found that I preferred the sound and feel of my Castillo. I have played quite a few Conde's over the years and while they have been my benchmark for a professional quality Flamenco, my Castillo has been just as good as some of them, and much better than the rest. The quality of this guitar is incredible and I am so thankful to have a professional quality Flamenco guitar with which to further my career at a price reasonable for a working musician."

Rob McMullan
Gold Coast, Australia


After inspecting and tuning this wonderful new guitar
I was blown away first by the impeccable craftsmanship.
But when the first chord was played I knew that this was a
very very extraordinary instrument.The sound is unexplainable in words,
brilliant and lyrical tones and deep basses emanate from it's artistic rosette.
I own several flamencos made by Spain's finest luthiers.
This one towers above them already, what will this sound like
after it ages and breaks in?

Please tell Salvador how very very pleased I am with every aspect of this guitar.
Finish, sound and volume.
Salvador is indeed one of the finest living luthiers who really knows his craft.
He will be getting another order from me sometime in the not too distant future for a blanca.

James Green - British Columbia, Canada


Flamenco Negra (Brazilian rosewood / European spruce)
I'm László Schäffer from Hungary. I own a blanca by Salvador which I've bought from him, and as I'm so satisfied with it, I tought, I'll just share the mail (in english) I've sent Salvador after recieving the guitar:

"Salvador, You're not just a fine constructor but a magician! A Mexican Voodoo! This blanca is so light, and gorgeous! The choice of wood is excellent, and very much for my taste. It has a lot of power, projection and punch! The sound is somehow feel multidimensional: it's surface is snappy, cutting and sharp, while beyond it also has a rich, spicy body to it. And the thing I like most about it is that it's so astonishingly easy to play for both hands, even my right arm feel somehow more 'in place', the guitar just fits to my body! I looking forward hearing it 'opening out' as it matures. Thank You very much, You made me so happy with this guitar!!!


Mine is:
Blanca - No. 332 of sept, 2010
Back and sides: Spanish Cypress
Soundboard: German Spruce
scale length: 650mm
12 hole bridge

Since then, I got to know the guitar even better, and all I can say is I love it more and more! It develops day by day: it's so LOUD You have to experience it to really believe it! Yet the Tone is wonderful no matter You drive it hard or play it softly. I can truly understand what You mean when You say it 'doesn't top out' by now. The sound has a really unique, personal character to it. Also the dynamics are so easy to control! I've tried many fine guitars (priced twice more) so far, including Conde, Sanchis, Contreras, Romero, but still, I would not change/trade my blanca for any of them! THANK YOU SALVADOR!


László Schäffer
Tatabánya, HUNGARY


Name: Ahmad AbdelMajid

Flamenco Blanca Review
Soundboard: European Spruce (upgrade)
Back and Sides: Mexican Cypress
Scale length: 650 mm
Made in August, 2010. At first, I was not sure if I should buy Castillo’s guitar or not since they are not made in Spain . I wanted professional authentic flamenco guitar, which I thought only exist in Spain . My teacher (Bob Sutherby) and my friend (Don Stoltz) both bought a guitar from him, a Blanca and a Negra. I tried both, and found both of them very nice sounding, responsive and very comfortable to play. They are the kind of guitars that truly touched my passion for flamenco and made me want to spend hours playing, which is what I did. Many hours easily flew by and these guitars would just lock you into the flamenco world forever.I decided to buy a Blanca because I liked its sound and look better (just a personal preferance).
The Blanca opened up within almost 2 month, after playing for at least 1 hour everyday. Its very pleasing, very nice, responsive, loud,  bright, very comfortable to play, light, very good low action for flamenco, very percussive. No buzzing on frets,  Very nice golpeador plates installed, everything was done and constructed professionally, its just PERFECT FLAWLESS WORKSMANSHIP! Very professional work! OLE!
The guitar is still growing, I feel that it now has its own “personality” developing and it truly connects to me, it feels like part of my body. I will have this guitar forever; it’s the best investment I have made, something I would do once in a life time. its the most precious thing I have ever owned.TRULY WORTH THE MONEY! The customer service is amazing! Beau did an excellent job in contacting me and tracking my shipment, which had to go through the US and clear customs in Canada.


Geert Doumen of La Sonanta, Bree, Belgium.

"The reaction we get from most guitarists trying the Castillo guitars are astonishing. When they come in trying to find that one particular Spanish guitar, the just cannot express their feelings when trying the Castillo guitars, they are really surprised, the price is about half of a Spanish concert flamenco guitar and the quality is as good as a Spanish guitar, if not better. So when faced with this they just don’t know what to do, get the Castillo or buy the expensive Spanish one. For us it remains the same, but it is very important for us to be able to offer such a fine quality flamenco guitar at a price level most guitarists are looking for. So, yes, we are very happy with the Castillos, new order will follow soon. We get a lot of good comments about the playability of the Castillos."
Muchas gracias, Geert Doumen


Jeremy Prichard - Australia

Negra - No. 271, Dec 2008
Back and sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Soundboard: German Spruce
scale length: 660

Blanca - No. 290 of July, 2009
Back and sides: Spanish Cypress
Soundboard: German Spruce
scale length: 660

"Well here they both are safe and sound. I'm delighted with them both. Many thanks for all your and Salvador's assistance. They truly are terrific guitars to play and own. The Blanca is exploding with tone. I'm quite stunned by how responsive and subtle it is."




Paul Mikulski - Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Negra - Feb 2010 #309
Back and sides: Palo Escrito
Soundboard: Cedar
scale length: 670

Blanca - Oct 2009 #300
Back and sides: Mexican Cypress
Soundboard: Canadian Spruce
scale length: 660

La Blanca

"Wow! I'm in guitar heaven. I really can't believe how good this sounds right away. I am amazed by how present the sound is, and the ease of playing. The punch in incredible. The bass is out of this world, yet the guitar sounds balanced to me too! Clarity and volume, but still very beautiful sympathetic resonances as well. And when you really drive it, the sound just goes through the roof! Really spectactular.

Of course, the guitar is also just drop dead gorgeous, the most beautiful guitar I've ever held (OK, so I am a bit biased). It's going to be a while before this wide smile on my face goes away. Please pass on my thanks to Salvador."


"The sound is opening up it seems already, is this possible? I'd like to reemphasize that the playability is not something subtle, it really is dramatic. A few other side notes that may be helpful to some: Mine is a Flamenco Blanca Canadian Spruce / Mexican Cyprus / 660mm. I was a little worried when I ordered it that the sound would not be "profound" enough or that maybe it wouldn't sound so good when playing quietly. I am overjoyed at just how profound it sounds, driving hard or playing quiet and subtle. The added percussiveness and brightness the guitar provides only helps make the sound more present, and when playing quietly solo translates to a wonderful sparkle in the highs, quiet depth in the bass, and clarity of tone. It is a very intimate/immersing experience playing the guitar. I was also concerned about the 660mm scale length, and all I can say is that it is not a problem whatsoever. This is so much easier to play than my classical 650mm I had to check to the measurements of my guitars to make sure their scale lengths were in fact different."

La Negra


Sound, feel,'s incredible. And contrast it does with my blanca. The power difference is very evident"

"The power makes an overall difference as well in the palette, since this gives a bigger window dynamically."

"The larger body dimension feels nice, and the 670mm length feels nice as well (even though I don't have large hands). It does NOT feel unwieldy; if anything, my blanca feels a little diminutive in comparison (and even that is a 660mm). I've got a feeling Salvador will be making a good many more at 670mm with the larger body, I can see why he was raving."

"I'm so happy with both of them, it is nice to have the two guitars each with its own sound and feel. The sound is so open and present with both of them though, you can hear they are connected."


From Sandra Koot (Holland). She owns a 1990 Gerundino blanca, a 1969 Jose Ramirez 1A and a 1972 Conde.

"Hi Beau,

I am still very very happy with the Castillo guitar and I play this guitar every day.
It is a joy to play and that is the most important thing I like about this guitar.
I do not play my other guitars anymore and my partner advises me to sell them.
I think the Castillo is the best guitar I have ever played.

Regards Sandra Koot from Holland"


From Harry Wishwood (Canada)

"Beau, just had to tell you, either this guitar is sounding better every day I play it, or I'm getting more used to the guitar - maybe a little of both, BUT WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SOUNDING INSTRUMENT!!"

- Harry


2007 Castillo (Spruce / Indian Rosewood) vs. 1968 Contreras (Spruce / Cypress)

In comparison, the '68 Contreras has a much flatter, more unidimensional sound. I noticed this especially when playing up past the 12th fret, where my castillo belts out the note and a shimmering cascade of overtones...the contreras merely balks. My Castillo is also capable of a fierce growling bass and a punchy treble that seemed to be somewhat lacking in the contreras. My castillo is also easier to play, the strings feel more taught in the right hand regardless of tension making picado much easier and rajeo much crisper.

Though comparably set up, the Castillo plays easier on the left hand owing ultimately to the construction of the neck. The guitar feels more alive, as a single unit rather than the contreras which feels highly resonant but in need of... something difficult to articulate in writing.

To make a fair comparison, the guitars were strung with sets of D'addario composites, which I am fond of. Both were played in for a half hour with heavy rajeo to warm up the tops in a room at 74 degrees and 50-60% humidity. The castillo took less time to open up and has a greater dynamic range as well as a more subtle and varied voice. It can produce a wide array of tones that all have a unique voice. The Contreras is overall a more mellow guitar, though it also has a varied pallet and an excellent dynamic range. It is, after all, a flamenca.

Both guitars are excellent. The Castillo far outperforms the Contreras though, in both concert classical sound and flamenco, playability and nuance. Additionally, the Castillo is about 4 thousand USD cheaper and is actually much more tidy inside, with far more careful glue cleanup and attention to detail.

Though the Contreras guitar is a big name instrument with a label that is known world wide, I have to say that the Castillo is far more deserving of the status "world class professional instrument" and I think Salvador knows his quality and stands by it.

I would not and do not hesitate to name Salvador any time anyone asks who to buy a guitar from. I have had many inquiries about mine. In fact professor Fareed Haque of Northern Illinois University was so impressed by my guitar, that he played it numerous times during and after my audition, and asked for Salvador's phone number! Furthermore he liked it far better than one of Richard Brune's guitars that another student was playing.

If you know anything about Mr. Haque, you know that the word particular is not an understatement.

I stand by my endorsement 100% and will continue to buy Salvador Castillo's wondrous guitars!

Kevin ODonnell - Chicago

July 27, 2008


In the spring of 2009, I placed an order for a flamenca negra, with sides and back of palo escrito. As can be seen from one of  the photos, this wood is highly figured and quite attractive. I made several requests including a neck that was lighter than usual, and a lepidopteran (butterfly) rosette motif;  in addition, I arranged to have the guitar shipped to a friend residing in a Mexican town that I was planning to pass through in late July.  In all respects, Sr. Castillo was very accommodating.

As for the guitar itself (sound and playability), this is likely as good as it gets: it's very responsive and loud, with wonderful tonality, this after only 2 months, and is very easy to short, what you'd expect of a top-of-the-line negra, but at a much better than average price. The workmanship is flawless.

Don Stolz - Canada