Guitarras Castillo

Fine flamenco guitars

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Salvador Castillo was born in the famous guitar building town of Paracho, Michoacan (Mexico) in February of 1969 to the guitar constructor Ramiro Castillo Barajas and Elvira Garcia Barajas. He grew up constructing guitars under his father’s supervision and started playing guitar at the age of 8. At the age of 20 he decided to start his own workshop. With the support of his father he became independent and began to experiment with his own guitar designs. In 2000 he worked together with the master luthier Abel García Lopez and made a replica of Hauser Guitar from 1927. In 2001 he participated in an annual competition for guitar constructors in Paracho and won 1st place in the student guitar division and 2nd place in the concert guitar division. Later, he studied classical music for two years in the Casa de la Cultura de Paracho under the tutelage of Wenceslao Huendo. At that time, Salvador formed a guitar duet performing popular music from the Michoacan region. During these years Salvador made many replicas of famous Spanish classical and flamenco guitars and eventually found his own style of construction. At present, he is constructing only his own guitar models and remains a serious student of flamenco guitar playing. Salvador’s guitars are known for their distinct sound and have been sold to many professionals and aficionados all over the world. On October 18th, 2010, Vicente Amigo performed in Morelia, Mexico playing on Salvador Castillo’s Flamenco negra guitar.